The new Biodôme de Montréal welcomes its first visitors with a totally new visitor experience! Français

sep 18, 2020 will forever remain a red-letter date in the history of the Biodôme de Montréal. Today is the official reopening of the radically redesigned Biodôme, and visitors, already very attached to this gem of a museum, are in for a wonderful surprise. They’ll not only discover the newly refurbished facilities, but also enjoy a totally redesigned visitor experience. Our teams on the ground are excited and enthusiastic about welcoming our first visitors, while the announcement of the opening is already generating a real buzz!

From the moment you step inside, you’ll be dazzled by the splendour of the building’s architecture! All the beauty of Roger Taillibert’s original 1976 design is now revealed in an environment suffused with natural light. Thanks to the Biodôme’s remarkable transformation, you can now get much closer to the animals and enjoy some unique opportunities to learn more from our very enthusiastic science guides. For instance, you’ll be able to observe the birds in the Tropical Rainforest from treetop level. You can literally enter a beaver lodge, or really experience what subpolar cold feels like, just like a penguin! In fact, you choose where you’re going to go, depending on what you want to see. On top of that, there’s a brand-new mobile app you can use to help you explore. Step by step, at your own pace, rediscover your Biodôme!    

In addition to the many new vantage points from the spectacular mezzanine, an area has been devoted to demonstrating all the ingenuity that the Biodôme crews put into their work as custodians of this “house of life.” How do they get the turtles to hibernate in winter? Who thinks up the activities for stimulating the animals? How do the veterinarians examine sick animals? You’ll find answers to these and many more questions at the 23 stations of the discovery wall. You’ll also learn all about the various techniques the Biodôme crews use to ensure the animals are kept healthy and well cared for.

Espace pour la vie is wagering that this new adventure will spur its visitors to think more about, and change, their relationship with nature and biodiversity. Humans have an extraordinary capacity to protect what they love!

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